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Being Sustainable


What We Believe...

At our core, we truly believe in making the world a more sustainable and better place to live in. We believe the world’s current unsustainable lifestyle can be a thing of the past and global threats such as rapid climate change can be avoided. We believe that there is a great future out there waiting for us filled with innovation, passion, love, and peace. A world where humans live within nature rather than against it, and in the process not only survive but thrive like never before. This is a world we desire to live in. It’s our ‘Why.’


How Do We Do It...

We are a small team of passionate people who devote our time to building solutions for environmental problems. Our e-commerce platform is the first step in that journey. The platform is designed to make the process of online shopping simple, convenient, and as green as possible. We do this by striving to make the overall impact of the platform a net positive benefit to the environment. In addition, proceeds from the store further help boost the development of breakthrough technologies that are crucial in creating a green and sustainable future.

In our own journey of transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle, we realised that it was incredibly difficult, if not nearly impossible to do so without sacrificing your standard of living. And not surprisingly enough, in most cases it was due to what’s available to people that impacted the difficulty level. Coming from such a place, we wanted to give people the power to make better choices when they buy things and be able to contribute to the problem, so we decided to bring clean and eco-friendly alternatives of everyday products to an online market.

                                      We believe if enough people start to make even imperfect changes to their lives, it will create the necessary demand for the world to rethink the way we utilize the resources of our planet. With the complexity of the climate issue, the current values and beliefs of our society, and the shockingly little time we may have left to fix things, we think it’ll truly be a masterpiece of our time if humanity can pull it off.



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