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  • What do you currently offer?
    Currently, we are a directory for sustainable (eco-friendly) products and services. Qizaa will link to the best companies and suppliers in the industry who offer genuine products to our customers. We are on a constant hunt for such companies. This directory will be ever-growing as we find and review products of companies that are hidden in the shadows or new ones that keep entering the market.
  • Can I trust these products and services?
    Yes! You can absolutely trust the products and services listed in our directory as they go through a vigorous review process by our team of experts. We look at not just the final products but the end-to-end practices of the company as a whole. We are extremely cautious and strict with companies due to greenwashing becoming extremely common these days. Keep in mind, however, that this does not mean that every product from the list will be 100% sustainable end to end. Such products are rare and not practical for a global level change at the moment. The directory provides sustainable ‘alternatives.’ So even if a product is 30% more sustainable than its counterpart and has the remaining footprint of 70% as unsustainable, that still beats the hell out of 0% sustainable! Lastly, being on Qizaa’s directory is not something companies can buy into, it must be earned. We do not sell spots on our list. Never have, never will. It is only after a thorough review of the company and its products do they earn the honour of being on our platform.
  • How does Qizaa make money?
    At the moment, we make no money whatsoever. The platform is free and serves the greater purpose of getting great sustainable products and services out there. We do not sell data either, instead, we use it ourselves to better improve the platform. However, the longer-term vision is not to be a non-profit. We do have certain products of our own that are currently under intensive R&D. Once they are ready, they will be sold on the platform, hence making money for the company. Although, the majority of those profits too will go straight back into more R&D for even better solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems.
  • Will these products or services make a difference?
    That is a great question! One that we get asked quite often, and one we love being honest about because it gets people to think. The truth is both yes and no. You may often feel that on an individual level, perhaps that one time when you used a cloth bag instead of a plastic one, that it might just be pointless. You may have felt good about yourself playing your part but if we are being honest, it didn’t really stop a large manufacturer from producing another half-million bags that very day. Just like any great progress, the trick is in the longer term. It’s almost paradoxical. One bag may seem pointless on the surface, but when half a million people decide to do the same, big things start to happen. We always say that a solution doesn’t have to be perfect. it can’t be. Nor do you have to be in your transition to a sustainable lifestyle. If enough people make imperfect changes to their lifestyle, it will be more than enough to drive the necessary demand for sustainability globally. So, in theory, one small decision can make a huge difference, given enough time. Much like that cotton bag. That’s the beauty of compounding. It will work, we are sure of it. As long as you stick to your habits of being green over time.
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