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1.Have you heard the expression ‘zero-waste’ or ‘waste-free living’?

2.What are key barriers that would prevent your home from being waste-free?

3.How many people live in your home that contribute to creating waste?

4.If someone on your block offered to take food material to set up a block composting project would you be interested? Do you compost now?

5.Do you have options to recycle textiles from your home such as clothing, rags, towels, sheets, used shoes? What is your approach? List a couple agencies you use.

6.How difficult is it for you to avoid purchasing food that is wrapped in plastic or comes in a plastic container or Styrofoam tray?   Please rate between 0 – 5 with zero being easy.

7.Do you grow any of your own food to reduce waste and gain fresher food? 

8.How often do you shop at local farmers’ markets?

9.How likely are you to shop in a zero waste/plastic free online shop?

10. What prevents you from going zero waste in your home? 

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