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Product Details
Feel fresh and odour-free with this super effective yet gentle Deodorant Cream, scented with a refreshing blend of Lavender, Peppermint & Rosemary Essential OilsOur Natural Deodorant Cream uses a safe, potent formula that eliminates body odour while soothing your skin and keeping your pits feeling fresh and odour-free all day. This formula is aluminium, baking soda and fragrance oil-free and suitable for all kinds of skin.
Fragrance Notes: Floral, Minty, Fresh
Scent Strength: Medium
Key Ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide, non-nano Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay
Net Weight: 30 gm
Directions for use
Use a clean and dry finger to remove a pea sized amount of deodorant from the tin. Split this amount between both your pits and gently rub it into your skin before exercising or after a shower. A little goes a long way. In case you’ve shaved and have very sensitive skin, wait a day before using the deodorant so as to prevent stinging or burning due to the essential oils present in the deodorant.

Wild Mint Natural Deodorant


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