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About Product:

Utkrishta contains enzymatically hydrolysed, micro-filtered biological amino acids and natural chelated micronutrients to deliver yields that are higher in quality and quantity. Utkrishta corrects the main physiological disorders from general micro nutrient deficiencies and improves the quality of the crop, its appearance and promotes good yield formation.



Get higher quality yield in high quantity.

Solution to general micro nutrient deficiencies.

Improves quality of the crop.

Improves crop appearance.

Promotes good yield formation.


Method of Application Foliar Spray: Apply 500-1000gm per Hectare. (1-2gm per Litre of water).

Drip Irrigation: Apply 1-2 Kg per hectare. Frequency or number of sprays to be decided on the severity of deficiency. To be applied at the time from flowering to fruit maturation.

Utkrishta - Micronutrients Mixture Fertilizer Grade I (3) For Karnataka-250GM


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