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Ubtan is considered the world's first cosmetic that is known to have a timeless association with the festivities in India. Our Ubtan & Cream Cold Processed Soap is inspired by the ritual of Abhyangasnn, which includes a full body massage, followed by applying a special ayurvedic mixture known as ubtan (which is used as a soap to cleanse the body). This ayurvedic mixture contains organic herbs, spices, and many natural skin-loving and cleansing ingredients such as sandalwood, saffron, turmeric, oils, milk/cream Besan etc. and is a truly extravagant experience. 
Almond oil
Cocoa butter
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Palm oil
Castor oil
Fresh Cream & Fresh Milk
Herbal Ubtan Extract
Herbal Ubtan

Ubtan & Cream Cold Processed Soap 120 g


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