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Treat yourself with some real love and healing with our Rose quartz acupressure Spoon Gua Sha tool. This Spoon Guasha is a tension melting, stress erasing Chinese ancient therapy that invites well being giving you a toned, firmer and Uber relaxing experience. The tool is crafted with rose quartz crystal which lets its unconditional warm vibrations radiate from you and most importantly resound within you .This tool is designed to precisely target the acupressure points across your face and neck . The spoon shape is thoughtfully crafted to easily control movement and maneuver the tool to target the acupoints of the face and underneath cheekbones..
Make this tradition part of your ritual because we cannot reverse our age but can change the way we look and feel.
The niche rounded shape of the Rose Quartz Acupressure Spoon Gua Sha allows for a deeper cleansing while the smaller end of the tool encourages the gentle release of tension on acupressure trigger points on temple, ears along the jaw and near brow bone. We at lamina care have dived deeper in beauty books of history and crafted a tool with authentic crystal which carries a small charge to
awaken your skin because you deserve it.
Take a few minutes to infuse your routine with intention and self compassion ,thus changing a daily task into a meditative treat that benefits mind, body and spirit. Plus did we mention the glow factor?.
Crystal : Rose Quartz (Love Stone)
Rose Quartz benefits : 
A blissful and natural solution for depuffing/reducing under-eye bags
Lift and refine jowls and jawline and relieves muscle tension in this area
A perfect tool for targeting acupoints of face like the temples, brow bone, ear and jawline
The ergonomic design adapts to contour of face making the facial feature appear more youthful and well rested
Flush out toxins via lymphatic drainage
Improves blood circulation, skin tone and heal inflamed skin
We only pick 100% original and premium quality rose quartz from the best origins that is not only beneficial to your skin but also revitalize your chakras
Direction to Use: Before using the Lamina Care Rose Quartz Acupressure Spoon Gua Sha make sure that you have cleansed it under running water & if possible keep it in freezer for half an hour before using it for added benefit. Cleanse your face thoroughly using Glow Dust facial scrub & complete your skincare routine, make sure to apply your preferred facial cream/oil  (use DLR Facial Oil for best results) on your face so that the Gua Sha glides smoothly without causing any friction on your face. Apply moderate pressure on the tool & use enough pressure that you feel you're working your face muscles, but not so much that it hurts. Since the Gua Sha is cool at the beginning, place it over your eyes for relaxing & cooling effect. Now follow the direction in the pictorial given below such that it uplifts your face & massage it towards your ears. This will help in lymphatic drainage which will ultimately reduce puffiness & will give you a natural glow. Your face might go a little red, don't worry, a little redness is normal because you are stimulating blood flow.

Rose Quartz Acupressure Spoon Gua Sha

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₹650.00Sale Price

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