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Product Details
The panty liner is made with 100% cotton cloth and is ultra-thin. It seems like another layer of underwear.
It is made out of 100% cotton which has a high absorbency rate. It is available in both light & dark shades.
Made with 100% cotton cloth
Easily washable and dries fast
Carry on pouch would be charged extra
No PUL/TPU layer used. No synthetic fibre or micro-fibres used
Long-lasting, leak-proof layer is made out of gum coated cotton. Doesn't come in contact with your skin
The last layer is the Kalamkari Print/design print.
On light flow days, the pad can last up to 6 hours. 
Size: 22 x 6 cm.
DISCLAIMER: The product pattern shown in the picture is just for pictorial representation. The Kalamkari/quirky print used for the last layer may differ from the product picture depicted

Reusable Panty Liner Set of 4


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