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Every year, hundreds of millions of calendars are given away by companies, and many of them just end up being discarded because we don’t have space on our desks! ❌

What a waste of marketing budget. 🤯

But what if your company can drive home your sustainability message this New Year, through the calendar?

We recently made it for The Hindu group (newspaper publishing company), and it won the silver award at the prestigious Olive Crown awards 2019, for the plantable seed paper calendar concept (a first in journalism)! 🌿

About Pepaa’s Seed Paper Calendar
The calendar sheets are plantable – which means that once each month is done, you can plant the seed paper calendar sheet in the soil, water it and you will see it sprout in 3 or 4 days. The fully plantable seed paper calendar sheets will ensure that your year is full of six varieties of flowers and vegetables either on your desk or in your garden!

A seed paper calendar can do so much for the environment and for yourself as a person, or for your brand – these calendars, in essence, recycle themselves into habitats for endangered bees and butterflies!

What better way to showcase your love for sustainability through Pepaa’s ecofriendly calendars. Every inch of the calendar (including the non-plantable portions) is completely biodegradable and non-plastic, which means that it isn’t resulting in any landfill waste at all!

These seed paper calendars are the best gift for your loved ones to start their New Year – it’ll be their first foray into sustainable stationery, and every month when these sheets bloom into beautiful flowers and vegetables, it’ll remind them of you and your wonderful thoughtful present.  


Customization available in Bulk

Plantable Seed Paper Desk Calendar

SKU: PEP - 48

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