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Sheets of A4 plantable seed paper from Plantcil are embedded with wildflower seeds and ready for a variety of uses. Plantable seed paper are great for creating your own invitations, favors and greeting cards. You can also apply rubber stamping, painting and handwriting to the paper.

With our A4 sized plantable seed paper, you can save yourself from the remorse of contributing to deforestation. It is made from paper and textile wastes. It has been recycled. So, it is organic, biodegradable and handmade! It means no harm. The most striking characteristic of our A4 sized plantable seed paper is that if you plant it in soil, it will grow up to be a plant or even a tree.


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Plantable Seed Paper A4 Size (Pack of 5)

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  • What is seed paper? 


    Seed paper is a guilt-free alternative to the single-use paper. We see single-use paper every day but we rarely see how many landfills it stuffs. So, to cut down some damage instead of more trees, we introduced the handmade seed paper. Our seed paper has been made after recycling paper and textile waste. The seeds are embedded into it which develops into plants when buried in the soil.


    How can I use the A4 sized seed paper? 


    The A4 sized seed paper can be used in a lot of ways. It is perfect for writing and even printing. This paper size is perfect to show your creativity. You can make your own greeting cards and invitations on these. Hence, it is only fair to say that it can be colored easily. Plus you can even stamp your recycled seed paper. 

    Our Plantable Seed Paper A4 Size is perfectly printable. In fact, it’s great for handwriting and coloring too. So, you can go absolutely crazy with this nature-friendly product. Use it as per your wish and once your work is done, you can plant the paper and watch it grow.


    Will seed paper cost me a lot?


    Honestly, yes. The organic seed paper will cost you slightly more than the single-use regular will. The reason being, lack of information. Most people don’t know about biodegradable seed paper and demand virgin paper. The companies fill their own pockets and continue deforesting our planet. Meanwhile, plantable seed paper is a new invention compared to virgin paper. Hence, it’ll require our cooperation for its promotion, resulting in its lower price. 


    How can I grow the seed paper into a plant?


    Once you have used your seed paper, simply soak it in water overnight. The next day, cut up the paper into smaller pieces and plant them in soil. Water them every day and let them see the sun. 

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