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 A Plantable Seed Ganesha that Sprouts into Spinach! 🌱

Every year, crores of Ganesh idols are immersed into rivers and lakes, destroying the marine ecosystem, and causing immense harm than good. ❌

But what if you can use a 100% eco-friendly, chemical-free Ganeshji that can actually sprout into Spinach after visarjan?

✅ Made with clay, organic fertilizers and 100% natural colors
✅ 100% organic, native variety of Non-GMO Spinach seeds embedded
✅ Sprinkle water and watch Ganesha grow!
✅ Solves water pollution issue and creates a huge environmental impact

Dimensions: 5 inch
Packing: 100% ecofriendly, biodegradable, zero plastic kraft paper tube


Available in Bulk

Plantable Ganesha

SKU: PEP - 50

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