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Organic B's natural organic loofah is an amazing personal care product. Now available in a cost-effective pack of 3 loofahs.
This natural and renewable resource has been used for centuries is known for its exfoliation properties. Our organic loofah is made from the fiber of naturally dried-up vegetables. It nicely cleanses the skin and helps shed away the dead skin cells leaving behind youthful skin. When used in circular motions, it improves localized blood flow making the skin look healthy and radiant.
Organic Loofah helps slough away dry, rough skin.
Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy.
Works great on elbows and knees.
Pamper, massage, and cleanse away everyday stress and worries.
Plentiful and long-lasting.
A must for every bath and shower experience.
The loofah plant is a vigorously growing vine from the cucumber family that is rich in durable fibers yet soft and flexible. When ripe, the inside of the loofah fruit develops a network of fibres that are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating purposes when dried.
It's important to wash the loofah, wring it, and air-dry it after use. This practice prevents bacterial growth. Here's how:
Thoroughly wash with hot soapy water then rinse well.
Squeeze it to remove excess water and soapy residue.
Wring the water out and then let it air-dry from the string loop.
Store it in a dry place.
Many customers wash their loofah with their laundry in the washing machine and this is perfectly fine too.

Natural Organic Loofah - Pack of 3


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