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This 100% natural bath loofah is a perfect substitute for plastic loofah for bathing, exfoliating and brushing. This feels like a premium exfoliating puff for men & women adults that helps remove dead skin and surface oil, and promote blood circulation, making your body feeling cleaner, smoother and refreshed. The best part of these loofah are these completely natural and organic loofah can also be used as plant fertilizer, and will not do any type of harm to the environment making it 100% environment-friendly.

  • 100% NATURAL LOOFAHS: The Bamboo Bae Natural Organic Loofah is a no-additives and eco-friendly product with a looser weave flexible fibers. As it is made from naturally grown loofah, natural loofah sponges also are non-toxic, skin-friendly, unbleached and non-chemical residue.
  • LOOFAH FOR MEN & WOMEN: These loofahs are gender neutral and can be used by both men & women. 
  • REJUVENATES DULL SKIN: These body loofah gives smoother and more youthful appearance ,their gentle exfoliating properties buff away dead surface cells, promoting greater hydration and enhancing absorption of your skin care products.
  • GENTLE AND HYPOALLERGENIC: With no dyes or petroleum-based plastic content, our exfoliating luffa sponges are natural for body care may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a healthier and more radiant complexion.
  • PET FRIENDLY LOOFAH: If you have a pet, such as a rabbit, a dog or a cat, the natural organic luffa also can be used as pet supplies. The natural loofah not only can be a less costly and funny toy for your pet, but also can be a useful tool you can use it to bath your pet and keep your pet clean being eco friendly at the same time. 


  • Soak in warm water before first use as it maybe a little stiff the first time, but it will gradually soften after two or three uses.
  • Keep it away from the wet environment or hang it in a place with enough airflow.
  • You may find some black seeds inside as it is washed and dried by hand. Soak in water to make seeds emerge.
  • Every loofah has its own SHAPE, SIZE and TEXTURE and may not have the same SIZE and COLOR as it is a 100% natural product.


  • Round/Oval Loofah - 13 X 10 CM
  • Straight Loofah - 15 X 7 CM

NOTE: You may choose and customise the sets as per preference in drop down of pack size.

QUANTITY: Each set has 1 straight + 1 round loofah

Natural Loofah | Straight & Round Eco Friendly Loofah | Bottle Gourd Exfoliating


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