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An all-natural, laundry cleaning liquid that loves your clothes & you. It cleans effectively while increasing the life of your clothes. It doesn't release harmful toxins during production, cleaning or after. Keeping you & Earth clean, safe & healthy!
Suitable for the machine (front & top loading)/bucket wash. Shake well before use & put 10-15 ml (2-3 spoons) of liquid for every kg of clothes in the bucket/machine. It doesn't contain bleach, so you might have to add bleach/whitening agent for your whites.
All plant-based ingredients: Soapberry/Soapnut extract, Citrus Bio-enzyme, Essential oil, Water
Fragrance: Fresh Lemon
Water saving(grey water can be used to water plants); Bio-degradable; Circular product; Support SDGs;No harmful residues
Net Volume: 1 Litre
Use within 1 year from the manufacturing date.
0% Toxins, 100% Natural
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Natural Laundry Cleaner

₹375.00 Regular Price
₹356.25Sale Price

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