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Get Nature on your side with TreeWear's Hand Sanitizer.
It is designed to gently moisturize your hands whilst removing harmful bacteria from the skin's surface. Made using 100% natural ingredients, totally Alcohol-Free, absolutely Paraben-Free. 
Assorted set of 3 blends - Balanced Blend, Calming Blend, & Energizing Blend
Eco-friendly, Handmade product, Vegan & Responsibly made
100% Natural Ingredients, Alcohol-Free & Paraben/SLS-Free, Non-Toxic, Child-Friendly Formula
50 ml eco-friendly pack, for use on-the-go
Each Bottle contributes toward tree planting projects in India  
Health and Safety Disclaimer: With the recent Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak, we would like to inform you that this hand sanitizer does not and never has claimed that is it solely recommended for protection against the Novel Corona Virus. DO NOT USE IT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR HAND WASH. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP! THESE SANITIZERS BY THEMSELVES ARE NOT AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR CORONA VIRUS COVID-19.                                                                   
MRP: Rs. 897/- 
Country of Origin: India
Best before 1 year from Date of Manufacture
Contains: 3 x 50ml Natural Hand Sanitizers

Natural Hand Sanitizer - Set of 3 x 50ml


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