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Alyuva's Natural Foot Cream is formulated with ShataDhautaGhrita(100 times washed clarified butter), Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Kokum Butter which make the feet skin soft, smooth, and relieves stress and tiredness. The cream is laced with Zinc Oxide which gives relief from cracked heels and chapped skin. Camphor oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Black PepperOIl provide relaxation and refresh the tired feet and relieve stress and strain and make your feet ready for the next day's hard work. Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, and Sodium Hyaluronate moisturize, hydrate, and guard the skin against germs and toxins.
Salient features
Based on the ancient Ayurvedic recipe of ShataDhautaGhrita (100 times washed cow's Clarified Butter).
Penetrates deep to the 7th layer of the skin without clogging the pores; relaxes, moisturizes nourishes & rejuvenates the foot skin from deep within.
Moisturizes, hydrates,&nourishes overburdened foot skin.
Refreshes and relieves stress and tiredness and makes your feet ready for the next day's hard work.
Chemical-free, Paraben-free, Alcohol-free, 100% Vegetarian, made from Natural & Herbal ingredients.
Suitable for application both during day & night for men and women of all ages.
Unisex cream
Statutory Declarations by Marketplace Model of E-Commerce/E-Commerce FBO | Brownliving |India
Name and address of the manufacturer, or where the manufacturer is not the packer, the name and address of the manufacturer and packer:Amulya Herbs Pvt Lts.74,HSIDC, Alipur, Barwala (Panchkula)-134118
For any imported package the name and address of the importer : NA
Name of the country of origin or manufacture or assembly: INDIA
In case of imported products common or generic names of the commodity: NA
Net Weight and quantity of the product, in terms of the standard unit of weight or measure; Net quantity of the products needs to be mentioned : 50gm
Retail sale price in the form : MRP Rs. or xx.xx incl. of all taxes, price listed on website should not be more than MRP printed on packaging of the product: 690.00
Sizes/Dimension of the commodity, if applicable: NA
In case of Food /Beverages, kindly mention all nutritional information and other information with respect to the product including whether the product is Veg or NON Veg by writing the same and also displaying green dot or brown dot. This information is generally seen on the back of the pack : NA
Ensure that no misleading information, false claims pertaining to the seller, brand owner, vendors, importers or manufacturers, or misleading images of food products are made available or shown on the website/product page. Clearly specify on the website and product page that violation of any applicable law shall be the responsibility of the sellers, vendors, importers or manufacturers of the food product: AGREED
The sellers, brand owners, manufacturers who display or offer any 'pre packed food' for sale to the customers online, should display a clear and legible picture of the "Principal Display Panel of the pre packed food for viewing by customer except batch number/lot number, best before, expiry date and shall also display the batch number,
lot number, best before, expiry date, date of manufacturing and MRP for viewing by the customers. This has to be a latest indicative image of the product. Best before date of the food product and MRP should be mentioned separately. : NA
Any food article delivered to consumer should have shelf life of 30% (thirty percent) or 45 (forty five) days before expiry at the time of delivery of product to consumer: NA
The sellers/brand owners/manufacturers dealing in fresh produce will provide an indicative image of the same produce to the e-commerce website for display on their platform to enable the consumers to recognize the product: NA
All e-commerce entities dealing in food should sign an agreement with the seller/brand owner/manufacturers averring that the said "seller/brand owner/manufacturer, is compliant with Food Safety and Standards Act and Rules and Regulations made thereunder and the liabilities shall rest with the concerned seller/brand owner/manufacturer, in its capacity as a "Food Business Operator: NA
The seller/brand owner/manufacturer shall be required to display their License/Registration obtained under Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulations;: NA
If the maximum residue level (MRL) of GM ingredients reaches one per cent, food products will have to display a message on their packaging that they contain GM food. (This is not strictly for your product page, but it would be better if your sellers adhere to this rule for their product packaging and declare the same on the product packaging.: NA

Natural Foot Cream for Feet Relaxation & Cracked Heels - 50gm


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