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An all natural, All-purpose(multi-purpose) cleaner for all the surfaces in your home. It repels pests, has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties. You can use this to clean your rugs, jewellery, wood, glass, furniture, electronics, matteresses and everything in between. It does not release harmful toxins during production, cleaning or after. Keeping you & Earth clean, safe & healthy!
Shake well before use. Use directly on the surface or mix with water to clean any household item upholstery, rugs, glass, electronic appliances etc. Do a stain check before using on upholstery.
Fragrance: Orange Zest
Net Volume:  500ml
Use within 1 year from the date of manufacturing.
All plant-based ingredients: Soapberry/Soapnut extract, Citrus Bio-enzyme, Essential oil, Water
Water saving(grey water can be used to water plants); Bio-degradable; Circular product; Support SDGs; No harmful residues
Use within 1 year from the manufacturing date.
0% Toxins, 100% Natural
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Natural All-purpose Cleaner


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