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Mosquito Bombs are made from a combination of 100% dry plant matter to create completely natural smoke that repels mosquitos and other small insects. Dried Coconut Husk, Herbs, Flowers, Camphor Barks, and Neem Leaves are used to make this compact and convenient alternative to synthetic mosquito-repellent coils which are harmful to breathe. Each bomb lasts for up to 1.5 hours and is the perfect deterrent for mosquitos in semi-outdoor areas, such as a patio, courtyard, poolside, or balcony. Each pack contains 3 cones/bombs.
Light one cone (on the side with the hole) on a stovetop for 1 minute. Once lit, you will notice steady smoke emerging from the bomb. After 30 minutes, flip over the cone carefully to allow it to burn through properly. Each cone will last 1.5 hours.
Refer to the Instructions card in the gallery for detailed instructions.
Please keep out of reach of Pets and Children when in use.
Dried Camphor bark, Dried Coconut Husk, Dried Neem Leaves, Dried flowers & herbs.

Mosquito Repellent Smoke Bombs - Pack of 3

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₹275.20Sale Price

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