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There’s no greater gift than the gift of life. Be it a baby, or a little seed promising to be a beautiful plant someday, life indeed is a great gift.


Behold, The Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box!

And it is not just one, but a whole bunch of useful things.

What is the Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box?

The Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box is a pack of eco-friendly Color Pencils, Plantable Seed Pencils, Plantable Seed Pens, Plantable Notepads, Grow Kit, and a Jute bag.

We bring together this vast range of products in a gift box for you because we understand your trouble of thinking about a gift for people. This gift box solves your problems of thinking and worrying.

Simply order this beautiful box full of gifts and rest assured that you are all set to impress whoever receives it, as well as the planet.


Available in bulk and for corporate gifting

Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box

SKU: PEP - 61

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