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Did you know that there’s a difference between Khus and Khus khus? If you have ever been to a house with a cooler, you will know khus from the distinctive aroma it brings to a home when the cooler is turned on. Khus is a fragrant grass, native to India, and is prized not just for its aroma, but also for the protection it provides to the soil. It is high in antioxidants, and is alkalising and cooling when seeped in water and had as a drink. Khus or Vetiver oil is widely used to treat acne, heal scars, diminish marks and to nourish the skin. In aromatherapy, it is widely used to treat depression and anxiety. It has a deep, earthy and relaxing smell, reminiscent of wet hay. Khus khus or poppy seeds come from the seedpod of the opium poppy plant. We have added poppy seeds to provide gentle exfoliating benefits. Enjoy our intoxicating Khus-Khus Khus bars! (With added Vetiver essential oil.) Made in India, with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy the beauty of our pure and natural handcrafted Bare Bars. Safety Warning: This product has a shelf life of 2 years. It is heat sensitive. Patch test recommended. Avoid Eyes And Mouth. Not To Be Consumed Orally For Topical Application Only Avoid Wet & Soiled Fingers Manufactured by: The Bare Bar Address: 8/1 , 3rd floor, 2nd main Road, Raghavendra Layout, Yeswanthpur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560022

Khus Bar


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