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Her Cup Platinum-Cured Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup For Women By Goli Soda, Regular Size- Yellow
Did You Know That Most Of The Disposable Sanitary Pads Have Over 90% Plastic And Each Pad Is Equivalent To Four Plastic Bags?
These Single-Use Plastic-Based Menstrual Pads End Up In Landfills That Take 500+ Years To Decompose. They Also Carry Bpa And Other Toxic Chemicals Which Can Likely Cause Cancer And Can Interfere With The Reproductive System.
In A Year A Single Woman Uses 130 To 260 Disposable Pads/Tampons Or 5000-10000 Over Her Reproductive Years.  
This Means 16800 Disposable Pads Are Used By A Woman During Her Lifetime! If All Menstruating Women Around The World Used Disposable Pads, That Would Be 800-1600 Million Pads/Tampons Every Day.
By Using Her Cup (Which Lasts 10 Years), A Woman Can Replace Up To 2500 Pads/Tampons In Her Lifetime!
Her Cup Is A Safe, Hygienic, Effective And Sustainable Alternative To Tampons And Pads.
Her Cup Is ISO 10993 Certified And Is Manufactured Under Safe Conditions And Safe Operating Systems With Special Care By An Iso 9001:2015 Company. 
Made From The Best Quality Medical Grade Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber, Her Cup Can Be Used By All Menstruators Above 18 Years Of Age. Her Cup Is Extremely Comfortable And Completely Skin & Health-Friendly.
 *Though Menstrual Cups Are 100% Safe And Comfortable To Use,  We Would Recommend You Consult Your Personal Physician And Gynaecologist If You Are A First Time User.
Available Colour's:
ISO 10993 Certified
Standard Size
Eco Friendly 
One-Time Investment 
100% Plastic-Free
Suitable For Travel & Adventures
Made In India
Manufactured In ISO 9001:2015 Factory
Rash Free Period
Pocket Friendly
Zero Waste
No Leakages
Lasts For A Longer Time
Why Switch To Her Cup?
No Toxins, Perfumes Or Bleaches
Her Cup Is Iso 10993 Certified And Completely Safe & Hygienic For All Menstruators As It Contains No Chemicals And Is 100% Free From Toxins.
Sustainable And Eco-Friendly
Her Cup Is A Safe, Effective And Perfect Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Disposable Pads Or Tampons.
Made From 100% Medical Grade Silicon, Her Cups Are Reusable, Making Them A Cost-Effective And Zero-Wastage Product. A Single Cup Can Last Up To 10 Years.
Who Can Use Her Cup?
Her Cup Can Be Used By All Menstruators Above 18 Years Of Age (With No Known Silicone Allergies). Though Menstrual Cups Are 100% Safe And Comfortable To Use,  We Would Recommend You Consult Your Personal Physician And Gynaecologist If You Are A First Time User Or Using An IUD Or Living With Any Gynaecological Disorder Or Infection.
How To Use 'Her Cup'?
Step 1: Remember To Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Clean Water And Mild Soap Before Using Her Cup.
Step 2: Wash And Then Boil Her Cup For 3-5 Minutes In A Pan Of Clean Water To Sterilise It. Please Make Sure There Is Enough Water In The Pan So You Don'T Burn Out The Cup.
Step 3: Fold The Cup Using Simple Folds Such As (Refer Images)
Step 4: Prepare To Insert - Spreading Your Legs, Gently Separate Your Labia With Your Free Hand. You Can Insert The Cup While Sitting, Standing Or Squatting; Spreading Your Legs Will Facilitate Insertion.
Step 5: Once You Have Inserted The Rim Of The Menstrual Cup, The Cup Will Start Unfolding Itself Inside The Vagina. All You Need To Do Is To Push It Slightly With Your Finger Until The Whole Cup Is Inside Including The Stem. It Shouldn'T Sit Too High, The Bottom Of Your Cup Should Be About Half A Finger Away From The Entry. The Cup, Unlike A Tampon, Is Inserted In The Bottom Part Of The Vaginal Canal But Beyond The Pelvic Bone.
Step 6: Rotate Lightly & Pinch The Base Of The Cup (Not The Stem) And Gently Try To Give It One Full Rotation In Either Direction. Doing So Helps To Avoid Leaks By Ensuring That The Cup Has Opened Fully. The Cup Should Rotate Easily When Properly Open.
Use It For 6-12 Hours 
You Can Wear A Menstrual Cup For 6 To12 Hours, Depending On Your Flow. This Means You Can Use A Her Cup For Overnight Protection As Well. You Should Always Remove Your Menstrual Cup By The 12-Hour Mark. If The Cup Becomes Full Before Then, Empty It Ahead Of Schedule To Avoid Leaks.
How To Take Your 'Her Cup' Out?
To Take Out Your Her Cup (Logo), Just Follow These Steps:
Step 1: Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Soap And Take Any Comfortable Position. You Can Stand, Sit On The Toilet Or Squat.
Step 2: Place Your Index Finger And Thumb Into Your Vagina. Pull The Stem Of The Cup Gently Until You Can Reach The Base.
Step 3: Pinch The Base To Release The Seal And Pull Down To Remove The Cup.
Step 4: Once It'S Out, Empty The Cup Into The Sink/Toilet And Wash Your Her Cup (Logo) With A Mild Soap Solution.
*Though Menstrual Cups Are 100 % Safe And Comfortable To Use, We Would Recommend That You Consult Your Personal Physician If You Are A First Time User Or Using An Iud Or Living With Any Gynaecological Disorder Or Infection.
Safety Instructions:
Her Cup Should Be Cleaned Before And After Your Cycle And After Emptying.
You Need To Sterilise Your Cup Only At The Beginning Of A Cycle. You Do Not Need To Sterilize It Every Time You Reinsert It. You Can Simply Rinse Your Cup With Water And Then Reinsert It.
When Washing, Avoid Using Any Chemicals Or Strong Bases.
After The Cycle, Clean The Cup And Keep It In The Cotton Pouch Provided. Store It In A Dry And Clean Place.
Sharp Objects Should Not Be Used Since They May Tear The Cup. 
Product Dimension: 56 mm X 40 mm (Height X Width)
Product Weight: 15 gms
Material: Medical Grade Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber
Maximum Holding Capacity: 25 Ml
Shelf Life: 10 Years
Recommended Age Limit: 18 Yrs & Above
Can Young Girls Use Her Cup?
Yes, Her Cup Can Be Used By Young Girls (Recommended 18 Years And Above). The Vaginal Muscles Are Flexible And Thus Her Cup Can Be Used At A Young Age. 
Can Her Cup Move Up Inside The Body? If Yes, How Far In?
Yes, Her Cup Can Move Up Inside The Body. The Vaginal Cavity Is About 4 Inches Deep With The Cervix On The Top. It Is Okay Even If It Moves Above As It Cannot Move Beyond Cervix
How To Remove Hercup If It Moves Up Inside?
Most Important Do Not Panic! If Her Cup Moves Up, It Cannot Go Beyond The Cervix And Disappear Inside The Body. To Remove Her Cup, Sit In A Squatting Position And Put A Little Pressure As You Would During Bowel Movement. This Will Push Your Cup Down, And You Will Be Able To Reach It Easily By Inserting 2 Fingers.
Will It Widen The Vagina?
The Muscles In The Vagina Are Very Elastic, Which Means Something Like A Menstrual Cup Will Not Cause The Vagina To Stretch Out. It Simply Stretches To Make Space For The Cup And Goes Back To Its Original Size When The Cup Is Pulled Out.
 Will  Her Cup Harm My Body? Can I Be Allergic To Her Cup? 
Not At All. Her Cup Is Made From Medical Grade Silicone And ISO 10993 Certified
And Is Unlikely To Cause Any Allergic Reactions.
 Can I Wear Her Cup To Bed?
Absolutely. Her Cup Is Designed To Hug Your Body And Stay In Place So That You Can Enjoy A Good Night'S Sleep.
 Does Removing Or Inserting Her Cup Hurt? 
You Might Feel A Slight Discomfort While Inserting If You Are A First Time User. By The Next Cycle, You Will Be Comfortable With The Whole Process Of Inserting And Removing The Cup.

Her Cup Platinum-Menstrual Cup For Women, Regular Size - Yellow


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