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Key Ingredients: Cold pressed coconut oil, Soapberries, Coffee, Charcoal, Blended lemons, soy wax, lye, water
This dish wash soap is made with 100% natural cleanser and disinfectants. The mundane chore of dishwashing can be fun with these sturdy bubbly bars! Kind to hands, kind to dishes and kind to Mother Earth - these are not very kind to grease and bacteria! Wash utensils, kitchen sink, stove and what not with this natural bar. No artificial fragrance. No chemical residue in washed water and dishes.
Gently dab the block with the scrubber for every dish and wash With the magical natural blend, the dishes will be clean in no time!
* Best before 6 months from packaging
Weight: 100g x 4 bars
MRP inclusive of Taxes - Rs. 300 | Country of Origin - India | Net quantity - 400 g (100 g X 4 bars) |

Handmade Dish Wash Soap Bar - Pack of 4


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