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The main feature of this plantable pen is that it is 95% plastic free. Which means converting to these pens will help us surround ourselves with less plastic for a long period.

These plantable paper pens are made in a well planned manner and serve as unique gift. These pens consist of a refill which is rolled up in recycled seed paper. Unused and waste paper is shredded into tiny pieces and then made moist with the help of another natural resource, water. This process is done with utmost love and care to provide you with a good, premium quality of paper. Later, this plantable paper is infused with hand picked, organic seeds to suit your regions climatic conditions. We ensure that this process is done by experienced ecological experts as this step is very crucial.

These plantable paper pens are available in a variety of plantable seeds. Whether it’s a juicy tomato plant or a spicy chilli plant to provide you with your daily necessities. Or whether it’s a beautiful glowing sunflower or a daisy white plant, Pepaa offers you all the possible options to choose from.

Plantable paper pens – The path to bring about environmental awareness and make your contribution towards a happier and healthier future.

Let’s define our habits to Reduce, Recycle, Refill

Ecofriendly Plantable Seed Pen (Pack of 50)

SKU: PEP - 07

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