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An experience to hand-pour your own Herbal Soap. A Do It Yourself Soap Kit can be the perfect plan to spend the weekend with yourself while learning something new.  We have consciously chosen the required ingredients to keep it non-toxic and plastic-free. The kit consists of a soap base, natural colors, flowers, essential oils, a stick, a paper mould for the shape of the bar, and a thread in case if you wish to hang your soap bar.
You can learn the making skill and keep exploring different bases, essential oils, herbs, and colors to make any kind of Soap bars. It also makes up for a beautiful and thoughtful gift to your loved ones for all occasions.
The entire process to make your own aromatic Herbal Soap Bar can be quite therapeutic. It comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction card to take you through every step of the soap making.
Hope you enjoy making this Melt and Pour Soap Bar for yourself.

DIY Soap Box


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