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TreeWear Calamine Lotion is made with Natural extracts to help soothe your skin in the case of Sunburn, Rashes, Insect Bites, and a whole lot more.
The Lotion contains a special blend of oils combined with Calamine powder to create a smooth lotion with a cooling sensation to alleviate itching. Each glass bottle contains approximately 50ml of Lotion.
Helps with:
Soothing and healing lotion for irritated and inflamed skin.
Forms a layer against pollutants and dust.
Acts as a sunblock and can also be used as a makeup foundation.
Comes with a touch of essential oils with anti-bacterial properties.
Apply some of the Calamine Lotion to the affected part of the body. Add more and lightly apply as necessary. Typically one would use between 3-5ml depending on the area of the body being covered. The lotion will leave a white residue which is completely normal.
Please be cautious when using the Lotion near, Eyes, Nose, and Ears. For external use only. Shake well before use.
Calamine Powder, non-nano Zinc Oxide, German chamomile oil, Tulsi oil, Turmeric oil, and Neem oil, Enriched with Vitamins that act as Natural Preservatives.

Calamine Lotion - for Skin Soothing (50ml)

₹420.00 Regular Price
₹373.80Sale Price

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