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Product Details
Bloom collection medium flow pad is a foldable pad that is made out of 100% cotton material. The cloth has undergone washing several times to increase its absorption capacity. 
100% cotton cloth
Long-lasting, super absorbent, super soft cotton material used. Additional inner layers ensure the pad can absorb the heaviest of flows.
No PUL layer used. The pad is 100% biodegradable. When you decide to throw it, it can go in the compost bin
Long-Lasting highly absorbent cotton material used 
The last layer is gum coated cotton material which ensures you remain spot free for the longest time
This pad will last you up to 6 hours
Carry on Pouch - Rs 50
Gentle Care Cloth Pad Soap - Rs 200
SIZE: 30 cm by 33 cm when fully opened and 30 cm by 8 cm when folded
Using harsh detergent with the pad
Using a loose fitting underwear
Wearing it longer than 6 hours
Wearing a wet/semi-wet pad
Leaving the pad in an open area where it can accumulate dust
The pad is meant to be used during your medium flow days. It isn't recommended for those with a heavy flow or to be used during heavy flow days. 
Do not leave the pad soaking for longer than a day. Ensure to change the water regularly if you do not have the time to wash it.
The pad lasts for 6 hours. However, this can vary across different people and age groups. 
DISCLAIMER: The product pattern shown in the picture above is just for pictorial representation. The Kalamkari print used for the last layer may differ from the product picture depicted.

Bloom - Medium Flow Reusable Pad - Set of 2


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