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A small change today might not change your world, but it will help you leave behind a better world for your children”
Miracle Enzyme is an entirely sustainable organic and chemical free multipurpose cleaner for your homes which not only does its job but also as a by product ends up cleaning up the environment once it goes down the drain.
All the bottles are upcycled keeping in mind to make the best use of available resources.
Have curated this special pack for you to experience the miracle of these cleaners. Grab your pack soon and gift your loved ones too!
Each product has multiple uses.
👉Clear ME (floor mopping, surface disinfectant, fertilizer, veg and fruit wash)
👉Soapnut ME (laundry wash, utensil wash, toilet cleaning)
👉Pulpy ME (heavy duty cleaner, wc cleaner, lime scale remover)
👉Rose ME (room freshner, air purifier, cures skin rashes, pimples)
👉Coir Utensil Scrub Pad (soft natural coir fibre helps to avoid clogging of drains)
👉Spray Bottle ( dilute the concentrated enzyme to use)

Bio enzyme multipurpose cleaner | Set of 4


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