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The eco-friendly Bamboo cotton swabs or ear swabs/Q-Tips from Organic B are the perfect plastic-free alternative. We're confident you will not notice any difference in the quality of our bamboo cotton swabs compared to plastic-stemmed cotton buds. 
The reason Bamboo cotton swabs are the best is that paper is prone to soaking up water and bending easily whereas Plastic is not eco-friendly. Bamboo, on the other hand, is free of these issues. Its strength also saves it from any danger of splinters and doesn't pollute the environment.
Use the bamboo cotton swabs or buds as you would use their plastic counterpart. Whether it is for cleaning purposes, arts & crafts, or your hygiene routine; they will perform the job without harming the environment. By using bamboo cotton swabs you can significantly reduce your plastic footprint and which in turn will have a positive impact on the environment.
Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial. Some people now say bamboo is the green diamond that we have been looking for. Bamboo is stronger than oak. The tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 pounds per square inch. Compare that with the tensile strength of mild steel at 23,000 pounds per square inch.
The packaging is also made of cardboard, more eco-friendly than the plastic nightmare. It is an easy swap, a kind gesture to help the preservation of our species. And as always, it turns out that it is good for you, good for your pocket, and good for the planet
Bamboo cotton swabs are a simple solution to the single-use plastic waste crisis. We believe that our organic and biodegradable products can directly reduce the amount of plastic ending up in a landfill, river, and ocean that kills our planet.
2.9 Cotton-tipped
Pack Of 80
Bamboo Stick
Eco Friendly
Organic Cotton
Craft Paper Packing
Strong and durable
Safe and hygienic
Great for the Environment

Bamboo Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips/Ear buds - Pack of 2


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